Science and Football Congresses:

2023: Groningen (the Netherlands)

2019: Melbourne (Australia)

2015: Copenhagen (Denmark)

2011: Nagoya (Japan)

2007: Antalya (Turkey)

2003: Lisbon (Portugal)

1999: Sydney (Australia)

1995: Cardiff (Wales)

1991: Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

1987: Liverpool (England)

Science and Soccer Congresses

The World Congress on Science and Soccer alternates with the World Congress on Science and Football. This congress shares the same aims and disciplines, but is dedicated (primarily) to soccer, rather than all football codes.

2022: Coimbra (Portugal)

2017: Rennes (France)

2014: Portland (USA)

2012: Ghent (Belgium)

2010: Port Elizabeth (South Africa)

2008: Liverpool (England)