Sustainability initiatives at the WCSF2023

With the organization of the World Congress of Science and Football we are well aware that bringing people together from all over the world comes with a price for our planet. Transportation by train is encouraged, but for participants from other continents, flying is inevitable. We have undertaken several initiatives to promote sustainability.

As the event takes place at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), a leading institution in sustainable practices, it’s obvious that the Congress follows in its footsteps. The World Congress on Science and Football is a 4-yearly congress that aims to (re)-connect experts in the field – but also has the ambition to be sustainable.

One of the most notable sustainability initiatives is the decision to serve only vegetarian food in the main venue of the Congress. This choice not only reduces the carbon footprint of the congress but also promotes healthy and environmentally conscious eating habits. Attendees can enjoy delicious, plant-based meals that are nutritious and eco-friendly.

In addition to the food, the clothing worn by the organizers is also sustainable. Craft, a brand that is committed to sustainability, provides the clothing worn by the congress organizers. This means that attendees can feel good about their fashion choices knowing that the clothes were produced with a minimal impact on the environment.

To avoid paper waste, we decided to offer the program and book of abstracts on the website and in the app, but not on paper in the goodie bag. Sponsors are also encouraged to share their information digitally in the app.

To further emphasize the sustainability theme, the congress is providing sustainable bottles ( in the goodie bag that can be (re) filled with water whenever and wherever you like. Special tap points will be provided in the main venue of the Congress. By the way, in the Netherlands tap water has strict quality requirements and is safe to drink. Water is an essential resource, and by providing a sustainable option, the organizers are demonstrating their commitment to preserving this precious resource. By choosing sustainable water, the congress is also reducing waste and minimizing its environmental impact.

We look forward to welcoming you this coming May!