Floris Goes recently promoted on an interesting research topic. He will attend WCSF2023 as a speaker. We interviewed him about his interesting research work:

Within my research, we aimed to identify tactical determinants of success in attacking play using position tracking data from >300 Dutch professional matches. Success is typically attributed to players directly involved in the (creation of) goal scoring opportunities. Our results provide a different perspective, explaining what happens off the ball, and how inter-team and intra-team interactions early on in a sequence contribute to successful attacks.

How does your work contribute to enhancing athletes’ performances? 

My research work as well as our products at SciSports are aimed at providing data-driven tools that enable and facilitate practioners in all parts of the professional football organization. We collect tracking data using computer vision and AI technology, we provide a performance application for performance analysts, coaches, and video-analysts to analyze physical & tactical performance of players and teams using data and automate parts of their analysis workflow, and we provide a recruitment application for scouts and technical directors to find players all over the world using our data.

Why must visitors of WCSF come to your talk?

Football analytics is a rapidly growing and highly interesting field. During my talk we will take a deep dive into recent developments in this domain especially concerning the use of position tracking data, and see how this data can be translated to practical impact on the field. Visitors should visit my talk because they will learn about state-of-the-art football analytics, future directions of research in this area, and the core challenges we currently face in the industry. In addition, they will be able to gain hands-on experience in working with football data.